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Intermountain College of Natural Health Naturopathic Clinic

Using Secrets Most Doctors Will Never Know About Curing Common Ailments Without Drugs!

I know, itʼs hard to believe but itʼs true. You can help heal common medical ailments naturally without expensive drugs or endless trips to the doctor. Itʼs a secret most conventional doctors donʼt want you to know about. But Intermountain College of Natural Health Holistic Health & Wellness Center is here to take care of your family using little-known, yet effective remedies for common ailments. Dr. Jed Adamson, a Holistic Health doctor and acupuncturist, uses a powerful collection of natural and simple techniques to relieve common discomforts of daily life without the need for conventional methods of healing. We utilize natural body manipulations that are not jarring as well as use painless stimulation points to prevent and heal common everyday ailments. Youʼll be able to safeguard your families heath and ensure you wonʼt be spending money on expensive drugs with nasty side effects. You also wonʼt have to endure endless doctor and ER visits either. Itʼs all about harnessing your bodyʼs natural ability to heal and prevent disease. At Intermountain College of Natural Health Holistic Health & Wellness Center we work to ensure your families health is the best it can be!

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