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Dr. Jed Adamson

Dr. Jed Adamson is a practicing Holistic Health Doctor and Acupuncturist headquartered in Twin Falls, Idaho. He treats patients on a regular basis and also teaches people how to relieve pain without drugs or evasive procedures.

Dr. Adamson’s quest to help people heal pain naturally and balance the body started when he used to work in emergency medical services as a director of a county ambulance service. Unfortunately, a serious injury left him with severe pain in his lower back and down his right leg and forced him to resign from his career after 20 years.

In searching for an answer for his injuries and his pain, Dr. Adamson tried many avenues of medicine. However, none of the traditional methods provided him with much relief. It was a frustrating experience for him!

Then a friend told him about the work of Dr. John Hurley and a special technique he developed in the 1930′s. It’s a special technique the involved balancing and healing the body the natural way. He decided to give this technique a try and amazingly, after one session, Dr. Adamson was completely out of pain for a full week! This was a miracle to him since he had been suffering from chronic pain for several years after his injury.

After this miracle, Dr. Adamson became motivated to teach and work with patients on how to balance the body and heal pain. He enrolled in massage therapy school that taught Dr. Hurley’s work, and then furthered his education to become a Holistic Health Doctor and Acupuncturist.

One of Dr. Adamson’s goals is to take his knowledge and work with mothers who can use his knowledge to care for sick family members in the home. Having a family of his own exemplifies the importance and great ability of mothers in the home. Mothers are naturally gifted with the ability and instincts needed to care for families, but Dr Adamson feels everyone can use a little more knowledge on how to care for a sick or injured family member. This is why he started the Intermountain College of Natural Health.

When Dr. Adamson is not teaching classes or treating patients, he can be found riding his motorcycle and being active as a community leader.