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Tuition and Fees

Budget Average Academic Year

Tuition and fees at the Intermountain College of Natural Health are very reasonable when compared to tuition at other colleges and universities. Students who attend Intermountain College of Natural Health get a first-class education for a fraction of the price.

          Tuition — $7,240 for 524 hours of guided instruction

This tuition schedule is for the 2015 school year and is subject to change for any subsequent semester.
  • Once you register for classes, you will be held responsible for the fees assessed for these classes unless you take action to cancel your registration.
  • Students who have not paid in full or made arrangements with the Business Office for payment are subject to being dropped without notice.
  • ICNH does not extend credit to individual students for the purchase of tuition and fees, books, supplies or other costs incidental to student attendance at the College.
  • Don't forget that you will have other expenses while attending ICNH. Remember you will need to factor in Room/Board, Books/Supplies, Transportation and Personal Allowances.

Refund Policy

Intermountain College of Natural Health adheres to a fair and equitable refund policy. This policy applies to students who withdraw from a program given by the School. New applicants to ICNH requesting withdrawal shall receive a full refund of payments received with the exception of the application fee of $ 50.00

All students must send a certified, written withdrawal letter, to ICNH Office. Refunds are disbursed within 30 days of the formal withdrawal date. Refunds will be based on the amount of curriculum completed by the student. Unused Tuition will be refunded   (less the $50.00 non-refundable charges).